We believe …

God is the creator

  • God is the creator of the Universe (see more).
  • God is still involved in the world today (see more).
  • God has offered to be our Father (see more)!

The Bible is the word of God

  • God has moved faithful people to write the Bible (see more).
  • The Bible contains God’s message of salvation for us (see more).
  • We learn about what God wants from us in the Bible (see more).

Jesus Christ is the son of God

  • Jesus is the son of God (see more).
  • Jesus was born with a purpose: to reconnect us with God after our sin has separated us (see more).
  • Jesus was killed by wicked men even though he had done nothing wrong (see more) and after three days in the grave, he rose from the dead! (see more).

We associate with Jesus’ death and resurrection through baptism

  • God asks us to believe in Him and all that he has promised (see more).
  • Faith is the start of the process that unites us in a relationship with God (see more).
  • Baptism is the complete immersion of water which is a symbolic death and resurrection likes Jesus’ (see more). It is an outward expression of an inward conversion.

We die as a result of our sin, but will be raised from the dead

  • Everybody sins and will die as a result (see more).
  • When we die, we cease to exist (see more).
  • One day, faithful believers will be raised from the dead (see more).

Jesus will return to the earth to set up God’s Kingdom

  • Jesus ascended to heaven after he was raised and is currently in heaven at the right hand of God (see more).
  • Jesus will return to the earth to set up a Kingdom filled with justice and peace (see more).
  • Once established, the Kingdom of God will last forever (see more).