Regular Sunday Service

You are very welcome to come and meet with us at any of our services.

On a Sunday morning we meet together to remember Jesus’ sacrifice with a communion  service where we share bread and wine as symbols of Jesus’ sacrifice. We call this the  Breaking of Bread”, which is what the First Century Christians often called it.

Our Sunday Morning service is the main meeting of our church, it is a time of meditation and reflection.

We sing hymns, pray together and read the bible. There is a central talk called an exhortation which reminds us what our lives as Christians should and could be like. The Breaking of Bread is the most important part of our meeting, it is the way that we remember together the death of Jesus and all that this means to us. And it’s a way of rededicating our lives to Him.

Those who share the bread and wine as it is passed round have committed their lives to
Jesus, been baptised and share the same beliefs.

Our Regular Sunday Service starts at 11am every Sunday.

Spoken English
Our Spoken English course is major community service event. We enjoy teaching English, meeting new Australians and chatting to visitors.

Everyone is welcome to our sessions and encouraged to bring friends also.

Our spoken English Course starts at 6pm to 8pm every Sunday evening excluding School Holidays

Play Group
Play group is open to all parents or grandparents with young children (ages 0-5). We have
excellent facilities including a full play room with plenty of toys and bikes and outdoor play
equipment to entertain Children.

On occasion we will provide co-ordinated activities.

We also have a morning tea where parents and grandparents are encouraged to  contribute.

The play group is held every Monday morning from 10am for more details please call Lara on 0439 441 007.

Sunday School
Sunday School runs during school term for children aged 3-17. Sunday school provides a
strong bible education for children and nice environment to find friends.

All our teachers are well known to our Church and all have a mandatory “Working with
Children” check.

Parents can drop children off or choose to stay for a coffee while the classes are undertaken.
Sunday School starts at 9.45am to 10.30am every Sunday during school term.

Art and Activity Classes

The art and activity class runs monthly on the second Wednesday of each month at 10am.
These classes usually have formal activities organised for those who are keen or arty.
However others are welcome to come also to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

It is recommended you check with Beth on 9293 4097 prior to coming to ensure the class is on.

Bible Classes
We hold our bible class Tuesday evenings every 2 weeks starting at 8pm. Our bible class is generally aimed at more detailed bible study where for instance we may study a book of the bible for a number of weeks. The classes are informal where questions can be asked and a discussion had.

All are invited to stay for supper after the class.

Please be sure to check with Kip 0405 800 053 prior to coming to ensure the class is on for that evening.

Social Activities
During the year we often hold social activities such as BBQs, picnics and swimming. All our friends are welcome to attend these activities.